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Do you have a desire to help students who are exceptional learners? If so, 你可以选择特殊教育专业, one of two undergraduate majors housed in the School of Education at SPU. Seattle Pacific graduates in Special Education are working in classrooms and other settings throughout the region and the country, working to meet the needs of people with a wide range of learning challenges.


当你主修特殊教育时, you will be prepared to work in various capacities with individuals who have disabilities. 你可以选择适合自己兴趣的课程, whether you want to pursue a career in pre-kindergarten through secondary (P–12) teaching, disability policy, research, 或者在社区环境中支持残疾人. 教育学院也与SPU合作 School of Theology to offer programs in special education that prepare you for a career in church ministries.

Career Opportunities

  • 特殊教育教师
  • Direct service provider
  • Disability advocate
  • 教会或基于信仰的事工
  • Research
  • Graduate school 在言语、职业或物理治疗方面


在特殊教育专业的教学轨道上, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to teach students with disabilities. To earn your Residency Teacher Certificate with an endorsement in P–12 Special Education, 您必须完成以下要求:

  • A bachelor's degree in Special Education
  • 实习教师资格证 Program

Washington state requires Special Education majors to also have another "endorsement,或者是教师候选人准备任教的领域. To minimize additional coursework requirements for a second endorsement, Special Education majors are strongly advised to schedule an appointment with the Certification Office 在他们方便的时候.  



SPU has a reputation as one of the premier teacher preparation programs in the state and region. The professional program leading to a Residency Teacher Certificate at Seattle Pacific consists of four quarters of study:

  • Foundations Quarter
  • Methods Quarter
  • Integrated Quarter
  • Internship Quarter

每一个季度都建立在前一个季度的基础上, 支持教师培训的发展性方法.

Your Foundations Quarter and Methods Quarter focus on the theory, background, and methodology of teaching. Your Integrated Quarter and Internship Quarter focus on applying what you have learned. Learn more about 成为SPU的一名教师.

You may choose to pursue Residency Teacher Certification with an endorsement in Elementary Education or in a secondary content area(s) such as English Language Arts or Math. 评审的要求 Residency Teacher Certificate with an endorsement in P–12 Special Education.


The purpose of the General Emphasis track in Special Education is to prepare you to work with individuals with disabilities outside the classroom setting. This track is designed for students who want to pursue the following three interest areas:

  • 与州、地方或非营利机构合作 为残障人士服务. 这包括直接服务提供者和倡导团体.
  • 与个人和家庭合作 在宗教或教堂中有残疾的人.
  • 追求高级学位 特殊教育或相关领域(如.g., 作为特殊教育研究者的职业生涯, a speech therapist, 职业治疗师, 或者理疗师).

If you choose the General Emphasis track of the Special Education major, you are required to complete an educational practicum to be arranged by you and your faculty advisor. Together, you will determine a placement in a community-based setting. This means you will work directly with individuals with disabilities; in schools; in agencies that serve students with disabilities; or alongside professors on research projects dealing with disability issues.

Students in the General Emphasis track are encouraged to complete a minor in addition to their Special Education major. The School of Education recommends a minor in Psychology or Sociology.


If you choose the 教育部重点 track in Special Education, you will benefit from a partnership with the School of Education and the School of Theology. Coursework from both programs provides you with a foundation in disability studies and educational ministry. You will complete a foundation course in theology along with a portion of a practicum in special education and a portion in theology. 你必须完成这个教育实习, 哪些是由你和指导老师安排的.

当你从这个项目毕业的时候, you are prepared to address disability issues in church and parachurch organizations. You will be prepared to implement methods for including all people in worship and church life.


A few of the courses that all Special Education majors take include "Exceptionality in the Classroom,“生命发展心理学。," and "Teaching Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities."

Review all Special Education major courses and degree requirements: The Teaching track in Special Education (Elementary Emphasis or Secondary Emphasis) requires a minimum of 106 credits, with 36 upper-division credits. 这包括实习教师认证计划. The General Emphasis track requires a minimum of 45 credits, with 23 upper-division credits; and the 教育部重点 要求至少47个学分,其中37个高年级学分.


You may enter the Special Education major during your first quarter at SPU.  Entrance after your first quarter requires only good academic standing (2.0或更高的SPU累积GPA).  Consult the undergraduate catalog for complete information on how and when to enter and what you must do to complete the program.   

Faculty Contact

Jorge Preciado


Phone: 206-281-2794
Office: Peterson Hall 406

Alyssa Anderson

Giving Kids a Voice

Alyssa Anderson, 特殊教育教师,2011届毕业生, 使用技术帮助学生交流.

Did You Know?

Help IconThe SPU School of Education offers one-year alternative route teaching programs, including AMAT and AMTMS.

Jorge Preciado

Why I Teach at SPU

Jorge Preciado, Professor of Education; Chair of Special Education

“我教书是因为教育是一个伟大的均衡器! 教育打开了通往许多可能性和梦想的大门. A good education anchors individuals to think about social problems and challenges and to make a difference in the lives of others. I teach at SPU because this university likewise wants to make a difference in the lives of others to benefit all people!”



Hear from a Seattle Pacific professor about how you can prepare for a rewarding career, 要么是特殊教育,要么是专家.