School of Business, 政府, 和经济学

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    学术质量: 你的清单上有什么? Count the advantages of AACSB accreditation. 小类. An outstanding faculty. 导师ing opportunities. 都在这里.

Deeply grounded in Christian faith and values, we develop leaders who advance human flourishing through service in business, 政府, 公民社会. The School of Business, 政府, 和经济学 is AACSB accredited and a PRME冠军 with quality instruction, 小类, professional mentoring that underscore our emphasis on ethics derived from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Choose from a master’s degree in Data Analytics in Business (MS; STEM), or develop specific areas of skill with 毕业证书. These certificates may be applied to a degree later on.

Our continuing education Certificate in 信仰 and Business is appropriate for both ministry and business professionals. It is comprised of our innovative 信仰 & Co. 在线课程.

网易彩票app也是合作伙伴 with another educational provider to offer a certificate in Human Resource Management.


AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate 学校 of Business

AACSB International represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.


SBGE was the first Northwest business school to participate with PRME in 2007, a program of the United Nations. This year, our school is one of a select group of PRME冠军. 了解更多 about this distinctive program that intersects with our own mission.